Dan Christensen Marketing


Dan Christensen Marketing is a freelance marketing business, managed by an experienced digital marketing specialist. Services are offered to small and medium sized businesses, and include:

SEO, social media management, analytics reporting, content marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, market research, digital strategy, campaign management, and much more.

Dan Christensen Marketing is available for single projects, long-term  partnerships, or as a consultant.

If you want to increase web traffic, target your audience and promote brand awareness, I can help.


Dan Christensen Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

About Dan Christensen Marketing


Dan Christensen Marketing is Dan Christensen’s freelance marketing business.

I am a digital marketing specialist and marketing “Swiss Army Knife.”


I can conduct market research, build marketing strategies, manage social media pages, perform site / content audits, optimize web pages, write blog copy and execute online campaigns.

As a marketing partner, I will build and promote your brand, grow your online presence, and increase web traffic.



Services are offered to any small and medium sized business located within the United States. I'm located near Raleigh, North Carolina, but can provide remote services to businesses, across industries and sectors. Most work will be performed virtually, and can be submitted via email, FTP or cloud-based storage platforms. 



I will never accept more work than I can handle, which means I may occasionally, and respectfully, refuse a project. But in general, I can offer between 1-200 hours of work per month.

I'm available for one-time projects or consultation, and ongoing project management. As partners, I will work with your business to develop realistic and achievable benchmarks 



Dan Christensen Marketing isn’t in the get rich business, it’s in the helping your business business. I will never over-promise and under-deliver. Throughout the project life-cycle, real goals will be set and met. The goal is to help your business grow online, no matter what it takes.



I'll work with you to better understand your business, your market and your customers. Through research and discovery, I'll develop a plan specific to your business needs, and then implement and execute it. Throughout the project, goals will be set, and performance will be measured. Everything will be transparent and clearly communicated. 



The Dan Christensen Marketing Guarantee

Dan Christensen Marketing isn’t an agency; it’s an agent; a digital marketing specialist, dedicated to you and your business. As a freelancer, I want to work with you to help your business improve its online performance. When you agree to partner with Dan Christensen Marketing, you can be sure the job will be done to your satisfaction, otherwise I keep working.

Unlike an agency, my clients aren’t numbers and dollar signs; they’re people who need help marketing their business. I accept only as many clients as I can manage, and my mission isn’t to increase profits, it’s to pay my bills. I will never charge you more than the project, and my time, is worth. 

As an independent marketer, I won’t promise you the stars, and deliver the moon. As a marketing agent, I'll work with you to define the scope of work for each project, provide a realistic timeline, and set attainable goals; providing performance metrics and reports along the way. My objective is to help you, and your business, grow online.

I don't over-promise just to get the job. If you’re a small-to-medium sized business, I can partner with you to understand your needs, markets and limitations. I can take on single projects, with defined timelines, or provide ongoing services, managing multiple marketing efforts. If you’re a big business, consider spending your money elsewhere, because I can’t promise to do it all; though I can assist with, and consult on, individual projects or campaigns.