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About BecauseYouGoogledme

BecauseYouGoogledMe, here I am. My digital footprint at your fingertips.

What will you do if you want to learn about Dan Christensen? You'll Google his name. So here I am. This website is dedicated to everything I'm doing online and professionally. BecauseYouGoogledMe is Dan Christensen's digital identity.

BYGM Logo is the source for everything Dan Christensen is doing online and the home for all my professional experience. I'm a for-hire digital marketing consultant with over 5 years of experience building brands and improving businesses through online marketing. So to help people see what I can and have done, I created this website and branded it "BecauseYouGoogledMe."

About Dan Christensen

Everything you could want to know about me is here for you to view, read, download and critique. I'm just making it easier for people to figure out who I am without needing to search through multiple Google pages (apparently I have a pretty popular name). is the source for everything Dan Christensen is doing online. BecauseYouGoogledMe is the brand name and digital identity I created to showcase my digital marketing experience, professional portfolio, blog and social media profiles.

Dan Christensen Marketing

Hire Dan Christensen as a Digital Marketing Consultant

As a digital marketing consultant, I help small and medium sized businesses market their brands, products and services online. I'm a digital marketing Swiss Army Knife and can manage all areas of online marketing.  

If your business needs help generating leads, increasing traffic to your website, advertising online, growing brand awareness, developing content, growing social media pages or designing landing pages, contact Dan Christensen Marketing for a free consultation.

After the consultation, you'll be provided with a Scope of Work and a quote for the time needed to execute your personalized marketing plan effectively. Hourly rates are $29.99.

Dan Christensen Marketing can help your business with:

Increased Web Traffic
Increased Brand Awareness
Lead Generation
Improved Search Rankings
Optimizing Web Pages
Marketing Plan Development


Keyword Research
Market Research
SEO Strategy   
Content Creation
Social Media Growth
Social Media Engagement

Ad Copy
Website Evaluation
Reputation Management
Landing Page Design
Advertising Management

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*Every client need differs so rates are estimated and negotiable.

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Dan Christensen's Resume

View and Download Dan Christensen's Resume

A digital marketing consultant who specializes in building brands online. I work with businesses to increase their brand awareness, drive traffic to their digital properties and convert visitors and followers into leads.

I have skills and experience in SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, content marketing, web design, graphic design, analytics reporting, email marketing, and campaign development.

These skills make me a digital marketing Swiss Army Knife, because I can help businesses with every aspect of online marketing, while making sure all efforts are optimized, working together to generate leads, and building a recognizable brand identity. 

Current Work Experience:

Raleigh - Durham, N.C.

July, 2015 - Present

Digital Marketing Consultant

Provide ongoing digital marketing support for small-to-medium sized business clients. Manage multi-channel online marketing campaigns. Develop executable strategies to promote growth build brand awareness.

Strategically create marketing plans, based on market research and target audience, then execute them across online assets and social channels. Specific focus is given to optimizing digital platforms and building consistent messaging across the web.



Social Media
Email Marketing Web Design Graphic Design Copywriting

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Digital Marketing Portfolio

Browse Professional Portfolio

Visit the digital marketing portfolio page to view the work that I've done throughout my career. The portfolio page contains examples of project and campaigns I've managed for clients and previous employers. To get an understanding for the work that I've done and can do for potential clients, review the work samples presented on the portfolio page. 

The digital marketing portfolio page contains case studies, projects, infographics and reports I've executed. Additionally, some of the blogs, web pages and web copy I've published for clients are available for review.

As I take on and complete new work, new portfolio examples are developed, which showcase my experience and growth. Though all my skills may not be currently represented on the digital marketing portfolio page, I am constantly working to design new case studies to keep up.

If you want to know if I have experience with a specific digital marketing effort, and can't find it on the portfolio page, send me an email and I will get to work designing a new case study that illustrates the work I've done and the success I've had. 

"A Working Progress" Blog

Read the BecauseYouGoogledMe Blog

Insights, tips and advice for digital marketers and business people that want to learn how to market their business online. Complex digital marketing concepts are explained and simplified to help everyone understand the basics. Current trends, updates and discoveries are covered and analyzed to explain their significance.

"A Working Progress" is the blog's name because it features articles about my digital marketing experience and tracks my progress while I'm working. The quality and insights of this blog, like my career and experience, are an an ongoing work-in-progress; both continue growing and improving.

Most Popular Blog Entries


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BecauseYouGoogledMe and CuzYouGoogledMe can be found across social media and on most of the popular social networks. The content shared is a mix of digital marketing curations, industry insights, breaking news, humorous GIFs and memes, social engagement and personal topics. 

The social media pages for BecauseYouGoogledMe do not necessarily represent the work performed by Dan Christensen Marketing or any of my clients. BecauseYouGoogledMe is a separate brand identity, all thoughts are my own, and social media is where I go to have fun, experiment with content marketing and build brand awareness.

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